Saturday, April 10, 2010

masquerade masks

i think maybe i have a tiny fixation with masquerade, what with the phantom of the opera being one of my favourite films and now this music clip becoming my latest obsession...but you have to admit that the masks and dresses here are ridiculously amazing.

these are some masks i've made for masquerade parties i've been to. unfortunately nothing like the above but hosting a full-scale masquerade ball has definitely made it to my list of "things i must do before i die but probably won't"...


  1. They're beautiful!!

  2. amazing! I love them!... thinking about having my 'suprise' wedding reception in this theme, and having a ton of masks ready for when everyone arrives - your masks are beautiful, they'd be perfect with a wedding dress.

  3. thanks anonymous lady number 2! sounds like a really fun idea for a wedding reception...