Tuesday, August 3, 2010

how NOT to bake sculpey

this is what i learnt when i decided to ignore the non-existent instructions on the packet of clay i bought, and use the first website i came across to base the baking temperature on...

...in case you're completely unaware, sculpey is a modeling clay that is supposedly easily cooked in home ovens...

tips for baking sculpey:

1. 275 degrees fahrenheit is apparently very different to 275 degrees celsius. if your oven doesn't go that high, don't wonder why - just crank it up as high as it will go.
2. glass beads are fine to place in sculpey before baking. this is not what you should be worried about when you place your sculpey bead in the oven at 230+ degrees.
3. keep a close eye on your sculpey as it bakes. just because it looks fine one minute doesn't mean it won't completely self-destruct the next.
4. sculpey should remain relatively the same colour throughout the entire baking process. if it goes in starch white and comes out poo brown - somethings probably gone wrong.
5. do NOT, under any circumstances, smell the sculpey when it resembles a piece of incinerated turd - unless you can justify not ever wanting to be able to smell again...

(left) what the bead should look like (right) what the bead looked like

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