Friday, May 6, 2011

paul and emily

this here is a stamp i designed for my good friend's wedding invitations. emily is so classy, so something very simple but elegant (and a teeny bit cute) was on the menu. the actual invites (these photos are just my arty farty mock-ups) are card-style and lovingly cut, scored, folded and stamped by the bride and her maids - and we all did a pretty good job if i must say so myself...

the lovely alarna from little jane street gave me the heads up on a little stamp shop in new farm that laser cuts stamps from your pdfs, with amazing detail! 'paul and emily' is a slightly manipulated version of fontleroy brown, with the capitals hand lettered, and the rest of the text is american typewriter - with some minor modifications in 'are getting married'. the paper was a beautiful, thick textured stock called 'oxford' from spicers.

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