Saturday, May 21, 2011


well if you haven't heard of pinterest yet, your blogging life is incomplete. pinterest is the most amazing way to store all those random pictures you find without having to bookmark 234,875,346,973,169 different websites. it does that for you – at the gentle press of your mouse – so you'll always be just a click away from getting back to that blog that you once found. you can categorise your pictures into mood boards, follow other peoples boards and try not to spend hours trawling through the thousands of pictures that people pin – which you won't be able to do, by the way. totally addictive.

these photos are from some of my different boards - just click on any of these photos and it should take you right there. you do, however, need to register for pinterest before you can start using it, but it's free!

'nom nom' board
'old school' board
'mr and mrs' board
'places' board

'small amusement' board


  1. life and photo tagging is now complete

  2. oh my goodness... love that milk container!!! and i also love pinterest!