Friday, June 24, 2011

illustrated maps

illustrated maps. whoa. why haven't i gotten in to this earlier? they're absolutely amazing. forget maps that help you get to where you need to go - i'm all for maps that tell you where you should be going...and apart from the thousands of amazing maps that will appear on a quick pinterest search, the two lovely people from 'they draw and travel' have made an illustrated map contest where you can upload your map illustrations and [hopefully] sell some prints and get it printed in a book! amazing. also there is fine print shenanigans involved in the whole process, so you should probably read it - but it closes on the 24th of july, so i'm hoping to get something together by then...but here's some maps (from their site and from various other places on the interweb) to get to inspired from in the mean time. they're all linked to their original site where possible...enjoy.

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