Thursday, June 16, 2011

illustration friday

i've skipped a few illustration fridays lately - so i tried extra hard to make sure i had something to submit this week - by extra hard i mean i whipped something up the night before, but at least it's something!

this is actually based on a true story (minus the magical pocahontas wind) when i was on holidays and found the book 'dr jekyll and mr hyde.' it was a ridiculously old book, and no matter how careful i was, the pages would break off the spine as i turned them. it got to the point where i was so frustrated at this book (yet so interested at the same time) that instead of turning the pages i simple tore them out and flipped them over. needless to say, the book didn't look quite the same when i had finished - but what's a good book if it can't be read?!

also the theme this week is 'swept.' i believe i'm channeling a 'wind-swept' theme of some description here...

1 comment:

  1. Ha, Pocahontas wind, every time I see swirly wind or leaves in an illustration I think of that movie! Lovely illustration