Monday, February 6, 2012

tea coup

i may or may not be slightly fixated with brown kraft paper, so i'm quite possibly incapable of turning down any job that involves my favourite stock. needless to say, i was pretty chuffed when asked to design a logo, labeling and business cards for the tea coup.

the tea coup didn't want to go in the direction of dainty tea-parties with cucumber sandwiches and bottomless teacups, instead opting for something quite simple - but a little more organic and industrial. the name 'tea coup' came from the idea of a tea revolution that would rival the coffee industry and win over the edgy, over-caffeinated hot beverage drinkers of the world to the calming scene of chai and ayurvedic spices.

i must admit i'm more of a coffee person myself, but i did enjoy working on this one...

the business card is hand-stamped with custom rubber stamps from argees onto 386gsm doggetts buffalo board, and the earth bags can be ordered online from the states.


  1. Fantastic Shayna!!! Perfection!!! I am so excited about these!

  2. great project.... love the typography... nicely photographed too.