Sunday, January 27, 2013

outer-suburban adventures

i have recently discovered the pleasure of shooting on film with something a little classier then a $5 kodak disposable... and although i barely know how to use it (and may or may not cheat by fixing the settings to match the digital) there's definitely an excitement factor to pointing, clicking and then having to wait weeks to see what you've done. i like how film teaches you to think about what you're looking at before deer season mode hits and you shoot until you develop rsi in your finger, but also not to be precious about your 24 shots, or you'll miss the whole point of it.
these photos were taken out at somerset dam and in some green space near our house...(also, how much fun are animated gifs?!)

photo hoodanimation_zps581ecb3a.gif


  1. wow these are amazing, especially as they are a first attempt! Love them so much.