Sunday, May 1, 2011

ipod zombie

i surrended my broken ipod to a friend - whose grandad was suppose to be a whiz at fixing electrical mishaps - in a last attempt to bring it back to life. but it was unrepairable, and after receiving back my unrecognisable ipod in at least a thousand pieces (bar the few parts my friend nicked for her own ipod revival) i realised there was no hope left for my little apple maestro.

not wanting to throw away something of fairly decent monetary value (despite the fact i won it in the first place) i've been hoarding it for too long, and recently discovered a use for its old shell. 'ipod frame'. the illustrations are just photocopies from an old 'girl's annual' book, and contrary to what my sneaky photoshop skills show, i only have one busted ipod...

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