Sunday, April 1, 2012

the way we wear

after you've done the major brisbane opshops a couple of times, the few decent pieces left in the valley and west end stores can be a mission to find after the weekend hoards pass through, and the overpriced racks of paddington are almost always depressingly out-of-budget. which is probably why i find the way we wear vintage fashion fair so refreshingly genuine, like a homemade, honest-to-goodness glass of lemonade. they love what they do, and are so much more realistic with their pricing - needless to say, we picked up a couple of awesome bargains from the three buildings they had filled at the mt gravatt showgrounds.

we didn't buy the crazy hats (the flower wreath is inspired by elizabeth taylor's wedding headband from her marriage to richard burton (first or second, i'm not sure...) but i'm still sort of regretting not grabbing the pineapple tea set while i had the chance...


  1. What an amazing looking market! Just wanted to say thanks for your lovely comment on my wedding blog :)

  2. ohh yeah, should have got that pineapple tea set. Cute hat photos x

  3. These are such fun and pretty photos! The light is somehow almost magical!